Katy Rollins juggles a family of five, a herd of pets, social compulsions galore, a mortgage, and two small businesses.  "Some call it entrepreneurship," she says. "I call it creating a living from doing what I love with an ADHD brain."

posted: Tuesday April 21st - 11:12am

The Technique That Taught Me How to Be On Time

It’s simple: Get up early and wait.

ADHD Time Management
Can we discuss the fact that it’s taken me about six years to learn to be on time? Since I’m the one writing, I guess you don’t have a choice. But if you’re reading this, I know that either you or someone you know has ADHD too. So it’s a relevant topic. This morning, I was out of my ADHD meds (I take Vyvanse). Today is payday...
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posted: Thursday April 9th - 9:00am

I Had a Big Fat Meltdown the Other Night

The downside of ADHD meds is that they wear off. That’s when the drama begins.

ADHD and Emotions
“When my ADHD meds wear off........” I’m sure all of us with ADHD can come up with hilarious and heartbreaking ways to complete that sentence. I sure can. In fact, the other day I had a public-ish meltdown that left me embarrassed. Reactivity can be a challenge for me sometimes, after the ol’ meds stop working their magic. I can’t eat gluten. If I do, the resulting issues...
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posted: Tuesday March 3rd - 9:00am

Memory Tricks: ADHDer See, ADHDer Do

Ping your memory with notes, Post-its, and visual cues galore. Hey, it works beautifully for me.

Using Visual Cues to Improve ADHD Memory
One of my Twitter followers recently asked a great question: “How do you remember to take your meds?” A lot of us struggle with this, and I’ve had my own mishaps. Overall, though, I’m pretty good at remembering to take my meds, thanks to a strategy that I’ve been working on for years: visual cues. This isn’t something I do just to remember to take pills...
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posted: Tuesday February 24th - 9:00am

Mood Disordered: The Medication That Un-Stressed My Life

I was so stressed that my handwriting was illegible. I needed help, and thankfully I found it.

Mood Disorder and ADHD
I haven’t been prolific in keeping this blog updated. Sometimes life happens. Sometimes mental health happens. Sometimes “lack of mental health” happens. My mental health needed a tune-up last year. My sleeping patterns became odder than usual – I had a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep. I felt my moods flickering in a depression-ward direction…and then in an anxious direction…and then in a...
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posted: Sunday March 23rd - 9:22pm

Taking One for the Team, ADHD Mom-Style

cat, adhd and animals, pet therapy
I woke up this morning to the painfully annoying sensation of one of my 14-year old cats gently flexing his claws into my cheek. After 14 years, you’d think he woulda figured out that the claw-flex only annoys the piss out of me and doesn’t generally spur me into action. This morning was an exception because when I opened my eyes to spit expletives at Cat...
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posted: Thursday January 2nd - 11:06am

I Hate Calendars — Paper, Electronic, All Kinds

Learning to use a calendar is like continuing education for ADHDers like me.

do not foget post it note
A much younger best buddy of mine asked me a hilarious question the other night: “So how old were you when you finally embraced religious calendar use?” I responded, “What — you mean like an advent calendar?” Then I realized that’s not what she meant. She actually thought I’d somehow mastered the art of using a calendar. You know, a calendar — that perfectly “normal” tool that...
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posted: Monday September 16th - 10:10am

Putting the Labor in Labor Day

painting the wall purple
We all recently enjoyed a holiday weekend. What does your average American ADHDer do at the suggestion of a holiday weekend? I don’t know about the rest of you people, but I freak out. I completely freak out. It is commonly held that there are three sub-types of ADHD, inattentive, hyperactive, and combined. I contend that there are four. I am the workaholic type. I knew that...
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posted: Thursday July 25th - 3:17pm

When Meds Break the Budget

Health Insurance for ADHD
As much as I love to keep things light, funny, and entertaining, sometimes life is neither light, funny, nor entertaining. And if you happen to have ADHD, you are likely to have even less of a sense of humor about life’s frustrations, when they smack you right upside the head. One of the realities of being a small business owner in the early stages of growing my...
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posted: Thursday July 18th - 2:15pm

The Problem with Planning Ahead

Floating Clocks, ADHD and procrastination
There’s a funny thing I’ve learned in the past few years. See,, about four years ago now, I called a community mental health center and said, “I’m pretty sure I have ADHD and an anxiety disorder. Who do I talk to?" Once a trio of specialists interviewed me and put me through a battery of questions, I received my diagnosis. At that point, I began therapy...
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posted: Wednesday April 3rd - 11:01am

Launching a Line without Losing My Marbles

I could backtrack right now and give you a full biography detailing the history of how I got to this point, but I think it better to just pull you in right here where I happen to be standing. Life is more fun when you just dump yourself in every once in a while. I am launching a new clothing line next week, and I am WAY...
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