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Katy Rollins juggles a family of five, a herd of pets, social compulsions galore, a mortgage, and two small businesses.  "Some call it entrepreneurship," she says. "I call it creating a living from doing what I love with an ADHD brain."

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Archives: July 2013

posted: Thursday July 25th - 3:17pm

When Meds Break the Budget

Health Insurance for ADHD
As much as I love to keep things light, funny, and entertaining, sometimes life is neither light, funny, nor entertaining. And if you happen to have ADHD, you are likely to have even less of a sense of humor about life’s frustrations, when they smack you right upside the head. One of the realities of being a small business owner in the early stages of growing my...
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posted: Thursday July 18th - 2:15pm

The Problem with Planning Ahead

Floating Clocks, ADHD and procrastination
There’s a funny thing I’ve learned in the past few years. See,, about four years ago now, I called a community mental health center and said, “I’m pretty sure I have ADHD and an anxiety disorder. Who do I talk to?" Once a trio of specialists interviewed me and put me through a battery of questions, I received my diagnosis. At that point, I began therapy...
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