Jeff Stickler is a father, husband, teacher, writer, and an adult with ADHD. Diagnosed in 2006, he's been on a journey of "self-rediscovery" ever since. He blogs about adult ADHD, parenting, and issues in education.

posted: Friday October 25th - 11:09am

Celebrating ADHD Super Powers

ADHD is my super power
In my middle school classroom, I always reserved a bulletin board for holidays and special months. I referred to it every day and worked in connections between the season and the Social Studies content I was teaching. I went beyond the typical seasons and holidays rotation and included cultural celebrations like Black History Month. I made sure to add little known facts and funny things on...
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posted: Wednesday July 10th - 12:16pm

Shiny Things and Bike Rides: An ADHDer's Code

Shiny Stars, ADHD Distractions
An ex-coworker and fellow ADHDer shared a joke with me early one morning as I was organizing client files for the day. She whispered conspiratorially, “Hey, Jeff, wanna hear a joke?” The whispering had me worried that it would either be off-color or lead to a sexual harassment policy review later. I figured I had a fifty-fifty chance, it was early, and I wasn’t fully awake yet,...
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posted: Friday June 28th - 10:49am

State Testing Daze

Standardized Test
As the school year wound down, our daughter took state standardized tests. She didn’t mind it — or so she told us. After all, she got to skip homework during testing week. School policy is for teachers not to assign homework so that students can relax and get plenty of sleep. All of this reminded me of my own middle and high school state testing experiences...
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posted: Friday May 24th - 3:30pm

Setting Some Birthday Goals

Birthday Cake
My birthday is this week! I have two birthday traditions: 1) Avoid the restaurant “Happy Birthday” at all costs, and 2) Take time to reflect on the past year. I take about two hours to go through all the appointments and notes in my E-calendars on my Macbook and iPhone. I remember all the family milestones we experienced since my last birthday. After reflecting, I make some...
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posted: Thursday May 16th - 4:52pm

Making the World Safe for ADHDers

Map of the world
Last week I battled the latest scourge of digital aliens on my Xbox. It seems the extraterrestrials went into hibernation until the mother ship arrived through an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. (Who says video games aren’t educational? Now I understand Einstein-Rosen Bridges.) Unfortunately, my time sensitivity turned hours into minutes and I played several hours more than I’d planned. After gaming, a question occurred to me: Why don’t...
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posted: Thursday April 4th - 12:48pm

ADHD and Me: An Alien Apocalypse at Disneyland

Want to see the world through an ADHDer’s eyes? My symptoms make everyday life interesting. To me, the world is like an amusement park, the plot of an alien apocalypse video game, and the movie Parenthood all rolled into one. Let me explain. I love going to amusement parks. There’s so much to do and see. With ADHD, simply venturing out to run errands is like an...
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