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Jeff Stickler is a father, husband, teacher, writer, and an adult with ADHD. Diagnosed in 2006, he's been on a journey of "self-rediscovery" ever since. He blogs about adult ADHD, parenting, and issues in education.

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Archives: May 2013

posted: Friday May 24th - 3:30pm

Setting Some Birthday Goals

Birthday Cake
My birthday is this week! I have two birthday traditions: 1) Avoid the restaurant “Happy Birthday” at all costs, and 2) Take time to reflect on the past year. I take about two hours to go through all the appointments and notes in my E-calendars on my Macbook and iPhone. I remember all the family milestones we experienced since my last birthday. After reflecting, I make some...
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posted: Thursday May 16th - 4:52pm

Making the World Safe for ADHDers

Map of the world
Last week I battled the latest scourge of digital aliens on my Xbox. It seems the extraterrestrials went into hibernation until the mother ship arrived through an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. (Who says video games aren’t educational? Now I understand Einstein-Rosen Bridges.) Unfortunately, my time sensitivity turned hours into minutes and I played several hours more than I’d planned. After gaming, a question occurred to me: Why don’t...
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