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Douglas Cootey, a single father to four daughters, works hard to meet the challenges of managing depression, ADHD, and chronic motor tic disorders. He describes his frantic but fun-filled life surrounded by his loving daughters as a “living sitcom.”

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Archives: June 2016

posted: Thursday June 2nd - 9:30am

How to Settle Your ADHD Brain When You Have to Call 911

These days I can prevent ADHD overwhelm when I have to deal with my daughter’s seizures.

The Key to ADHD Stress Management – Don’t Panic
“911. What’s your emergency?” I don’t usually panic when I hear that. I’ve called 911 far too often for far too many years because of my daughter’s epilepsy. Sometimes my ADHD becomes an obstacle, however. It’s a good thing that I’ve developed a system for dealing with emergency medical service (EMS) operators and the emergency personnel who arrive within minutes during those emergencies. I suppose I’m no different...
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