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Douglas Cootey, a single father to four daughters, works hard to meet the challenges of managing depression, ADHD, and chronic motor tic disorders. He describes his frantic but fun-filled life surrounded by his loving daughters as a “living sitcom.”

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Archives: October 2015

posted: Tuesday October 20th - 1:47pm

How I Get My Foot Out of My ADHD Mouth

Sometimes I wish the cat got my tongue, and when he doesn’t, I apologize and hope my girls can forgive my impulsive gaffes.

Impulse Control for Adults with ADHD: Foot-in-Mouth Disorder
A reader recently wrote to me about her dad’s penchant for putting his foot in his mouth. She appreciated how knowing about his ADHD helped her understand his colorful moments. I wondered, “Do my children have the same level of understanding?” I give them plenty of opportunity to experience my own deft skill at stuffing my mouth with feet. I recalled a conversation I had a few...
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