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When Kristen Caven’s son was diagnosed with attention deficit, inattentive type, she had no doubt about where he'd gotten the gene. She writes about her creative and comedic ADHD family, being a patient mother with a brain built for speed, and her sudden enrollment in what she calls “ADD School.”

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Archives: October 2013

posted: Tuesday October 29th - 10:20am

Trying to Leave, on a Jet Plane

Traveling takes us out of our comfort zones and protective routines. But the ADD mind loves a new challenge.

Leaving on a plane
A trip to the airport can bring out the worst in me. Leaving the structural supports of home throws me into an internal chaos that I can’t separate from anxiety. The day before my trip, I should have been in high gear preparing for this, but I spun my wheels all day, obsessing on finding the right travel outfit that will keep me warm on the...
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posted: Tuesday October 29th - 10:03am


This historic steam train ran on a strict schedule — but for three generations of my ADD family, chasing it gave us the chance to indulge the impulse to explore, discover, and share an adrenaline rush.

Train Tracks
One of my favorite summer memories was a day out of time with my train-obsessed father and son. We were visiting family in Boulder, Colorado — full of the typical stresses of organizing around various diverse clusters of family cultures and communications — when my dad (whom I shall call Grandpa Gerf in this blog) — called with the news that a historic Union Pacific 4-8-4...
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posted: Monday October 7th - 7:15pm

The Tension of Attention

Physician Gabor Maté’s explanation of eye contact, attachment, and the origins of ADHD. Playing with attention with kids.

Eye contact
One of the best ADD books I read while researching my book on bullying was Scattered: How Attention Deficit Disorder Originates and What You Can Do About It , by Gabor Maté. If you haven’t seen Maté's YouTube videos, check them out. He has an interesting view of ADD, and here it is, in a nutshell of my own design: When a mother makes eye contact with...
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