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posted: Tuesday February 14th - 4:33pm

Income Levels Linked to Incidence of ADHD, Asthma, and Autism in Children

Kids are affected differently by mental and physical disorders, depending on their family’s income level.

February 14, 2017 From 2003 to 2012, rates of asthma, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) rose dramatically for children in the United States. Now, a new study charts the connection between each condition and income levels, finding that ADHD and asthma rates are closely linked to increased poverty levels — hitting poor children and the uninsured the hardest — while ASD affected wealthy families more. The study,...
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posted: Friday February 10th - 5:40pm

Pharma Trial Suggests Dyanavel XR Is Safe and Effective for Treating ADHD in Children

A medication manufacturer says recent studies show its recently released liquid ADHD medication can be used safely and effectively to treat children.

February 10, 2017 A new medication trial presents further evidence that Dyanavel XR — the only liquid amphetamine currently on the market to treat ADHD — is long lasting, effective, and safe for use in children, according to the medication’s manufacturer. The company, Tris Pharma, Inc., presented the findings from its trial at the 2017 American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders (APSARD) Annual Meeting in Washington,...
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posted: Wednesday February 8th - 4:52pm

The Anti-ADHD Diet?

Eating lots of fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grains, nuts, and legumes may make it less likely that a child will be diagnosed with ADHD.

February 8, 2017 Adhering to a “Mediterranean diet” — rich in fruit, vegetables, and “good fat,” and lean in processed foods and saturated fat — may lower the risk of ADHD in children, a new study indicates. Published in the February 2017 issue of Pediatrics by a team at the University of Barcelona, the study examined 120 children, half of whom had ADHD. Children who were taking ADHD...
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posted: Friday February 3rd - 10:46am

New Study: Despite Parents’ Limits on Internet Usage, Bad Habits Persist

In our increasingly connected world, many parents report taking steps to regulate and cap their child’s screen time — without resounding success.

February 3, 2017 Ninety-five percent of parents limit their kids’ hours online, a new survey finds — but the Internet still dominates family life in a big way, particularly when it comes to smartphones and tablets. The survey, released in January and entitled “New Family Dynamics in a Connected World,” was commissioned by Intel Security and carried out by the polling company OnePoll. It asked 13,000 parents from...
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posted: Thursday February 2nd - 10:15am

Doctors’ Visits Way Up for Kids with ADHD

The CDC reports that children in the United States see physicians for ADHD treatment at a much higher rate than a decade ago.

February 2, 2017 Children with ADHD visit the doctor more than 6 million times each year to get treatment for the condition, according to a new report — and at least 80 percent of those visits involved a stimulant prescription. The report, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in January 2017, looked at children’s doctors’ visits from 2012 to 2013 — the most recent...
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posted: Tuesday January 24th - 11:43am

Medication Plus Therapy Still the Most Effective ADHD Treatment, Study Finds — But Therapy May Be Catching Up

While medication combined with cognitive behavioral therapy shows the quickest and most dramatic improvement on ADHD symptoms, CBT by itself becomes more and more effective as time goes on.

January 24, 2017 Medication is the most empirically validated treatment for ADHD, especially when used in conjunction with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). But for adults who cannot or prefer not to take medication, CBT is showing more merit as a standalone treatment. A new study confirms that medication paired with CBT is still the best treatment for ADHD; however, CBT alone works almost as well and becomes...
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posted: Monday January 23rd - 11:45am

Certain ADHD Traits May Benefit Entrepreneurs, Study Says

The first in a series of studies about entrepreneurs with ADHD indicates that traits like impulsivity and hyperfocus may promote business success — but the study’s authors say that more research is needed.

January 23, 2017 A professor of entrepreneurship — who himself has ADHD — has launched a series of studies investigating how entrepreneurs with ADHD are helped or hindered by their symptoms. The results of the first study — though far from conclusive — indicate that ADHD traits like impulsivity and hyperfocus may positively impact an entrepreneur’s business success. The study, led by Professor Johan Wiklund and published...
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posted: Tuesday January 10th - 11:13am

Another Piece of the Puzzle? New Research Zeroes In On the Specific Genetic Components of ADHD

Researchers have long known that the gene known as ADGRL3 is linked to ADHD, but they’ve not understood exactly how. Now, new research has identified a variation on the gene that may clarify the cause-and-effect pathway to ADHD.

January 10, 2017 ADHD is highly genetic, and one gene in particular has long been implicated it its development. That gene, ADGRL3, has common variations that have consistently been linked to ADHD in children and adults; some variations can even help researchers predict the severity of a patient’s ADHD symptoms. Now, a new study goes even further, finding a specific malfunction on the gene that is highly...
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posted: Monday January 9th - 10:46am

More Medical Students Have ADHD and Learning Disabilities Than Previously Estimated

Nearly 3 percent of U.S. medical students have some form of disability, a much higher number than ever before estimated. This finding points to the need to decrease stigma and improve accommodations for these soon-to-be doctors.

January 9, 2017 Disabilities — including ADHD, learning disabilities, and mobility disabilities — may be more common in US medical students than ever before estimated, a new report finds. But remaining stigma — as well as accommodations that sometimes fall short of students’ needs — point to the need for further research and improved interventions for disability, the authors of the report say. The researchers, who published their...
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posted: Wednesday January 4th - 11:02am

New Study: Test-Taking Accommodations May Fall Short for Students with ADHD

A surprising new study finds that accommodations commonly used by students with ADHD when taking tests don’t always correlate with improved scores.

January 4, 2017 When students with ADHD secure IEPs, 504 plans, or informal school accommodations, their parents often consider it a victory — and hope that the accommodations will lead to an improved application of knowledge and skills, particularly on timed tests. But a recent study shows that commonly used testing accommodations, like extended time or regular breaks, don’t actually help students with ADHD perform better on...
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