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Archives: July 2013

posted: Thursday July 18th - 8:22am

It’s Finally Here: The First Brain Wave Test to Diagnose ADHD

Will this new brain test make ADHD diagnoses more accurate?

ADHD Brain
The Food and Drug Administration has announced its approval of the first brain wave test to help diagnose ADHD. Called the Neuropsychiatric EED-Based Assessment Aid, the device traces different types of electrical impulses — theta and beta waves — given off by nerve cells in the brain and records how many times those impulses occur each second. Certain combinations of those brain waves, says the FDA, tend...
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posted: Thursday July 11th - 9:45am

Does Taking ADHD Meds Lead to Substance Abuse?

No — but medication for attention deficit doesn’t protect against substance abuse, either, as researchers once believed.

Pensive Teen Boy
Among the many medication questions that parents ask — and worry about — is "Will ADHD meds increase my child’s risk for substance abuse?" Up until last month, the answer was absolutely not. In fact, taking ADHD medication, studies showed, actually lowered the risk of substance abuse by almost 50 percent. A new study published last month by researchers at UCLA undercuts the conclusion that meds protect...
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posted: Monday July 8th - 3:09pm

Win a Time Timer!

Enter to win one of six Time Timer visual timers!

Time Timer Image
Enter ADDitude's Summertime Time Timer Sweepstakes and you could win one of six Time Timer visual timers for you or your ADHD child! If you're parenting an ADHD child, the Time Timer visual timer will help your ADHDer get ready for fun summer activites ON TIME (and with less hassle for you!). Are you an ADHD adult in need of time-management help? The Time Timer visual timer...
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