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Archives: October 2010

posted: Sunday October 3rd - 8:00am

Reflections on Mental Illness Awareness Week

Raising awareness about mental illness can start with you taking a moment from your busy schedule to sit and think about what diagnosis, treatment, and others' biases have meant for your family. The rest will follow from there. It's that simple.

There's lots to do. The baseball playoffs are on TV, Halloween is coming, and your brown, defeated lawn needs an IV. It’s also Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) October 3-9 -- seven days of national reckoning about the breadth of mental disorders in this country, how they are treated (more needs to be done), and the stinging stigma still associated with...
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posted: Friday October 1st - 6:00pm

Raising Awareness by the Day, Week, and Month

Discover popular ADD/ADHD trending topics from across the Web in our weekly column "ADD Chatter Overheard Online."

National Disability Employment Awareness Month poster
As an adult with or a support person to someone with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), you have likely had to grapple with such complex issues as choosing treatment options, coping with multiple diagnoses, securing school or workplace accommodations, and more. On, you have hopefully found a safe place to discuss these challenges. But how about outside of the ADD/ADHD community? This October provides many opportunities...
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