Top 10 Articles of July: Must-Have Apps for ADHD Families, The Secret to ADHD Organization, and More

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ADHD News Feed | posted by Mary Kearl

1. 4 Must-Have Apps for ADHD Families
Your or your child's to-do items made easier -- with these ADHD-approved apps!»
>>PLUS: Activities From Your Social Networking Accounts, E-mail Accounts, and Calendars -- Streamlined!

2. Do You Hear What I Hear?
Difficulty following instructions, remembering information presented orally, and following conversations could indicate ADHD, but something more may be at play -- be on the lookout for the following signs.» 
>>PLUS: Discuss: Is It ADHD and Something Else?

3. The Secret to ADHD Organization... using an ADHD-friendly smartphone? "I don't know how I got by without one before," community member ADDled tells us. "I put all my upcoming appointments into the calendar with multiple reminders. There's an application you can get that acts as a shopping list." Could a smartphone help you?»
>>PLUS: 16 Ways to Use a Smartphone to Manage ADHD

4. Prevent Angry Outbursts
ADHD expert Dr. Ned Hallowell, an adult with ADHD, offers his best strategies for helping kids express their anger in healthy ways. Plus, natural ways kids can blow off hot air.»
>>PLUS: Live in Peace With Your Teen

5. Is It Bipolar Disorder?
While some symptoms and criteria for diagnosis of the two conditions are similar, some are different. To further complicate matters, often the two can coexist. Find the right diagnosis!»
>>PLUS: Discuss: Bipolar Disorder and ADHD

6. Are You Taking Advantage of the Benefits of ADHD?
Consider this: Most people with ADHD, when they find something that interests them, have the ability to concentrate intently on one thing for an extended period of time. How to make the most of that time, interest, and ability.»
>>PLUS: More Hidden Benefits of ADHD

7. How Parents Like You Help Kids Like Yours Make Friends
We asked members of the ADDitude community to share what really works to help boost ADHD kids' social lives.»
>>PLUS: How the ADHD Mom Blogger Juggles Her Daughter's Playdates, Medications, Alternative Treaments, and More!

8. Could You Have Missed Another Diagnosis?
Distractibility, the need for intense activity, and problems with social interactions -- all of these symptoms sound like ADHD, but could they point to another related condition?»
>>PLUS: 3 Common Diagnosis Mistakes Doctors Make

9. Brain-Boosting Toys Our Kids Will Love
Over 3 billion toys and games are sold in the United States annually, but how many offer benefits to kids? These 10 do.»
>>PLUS: A New Resource Designed to Help Our Kids Make Friends

10. Anger-Management Tools for ADHD Adults
Easily overcome with worry, self-defeat, and anger? The most important thing to do is...»
>>PLUS: Share Your Struggles With Managing Your Anger

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