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It's that time again -- another school year is about to start and that means it's also time for ADDitude's annual "Success at School" issue to help parents, educators, and kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) make this the best year ever!

Subscribers should receive their Fall 2011 issue in early August and issues will be available for purchase on newsstands from August 2, 20011, to November 1, 2011. To make sure you receive a copy of the Fall 2011 issue, subscribe or renew now!

Our fall issue, filled with the same great advice adults, professionals, educators, and parents use to learn about and live better with ADHD year-round, packs in even more information and resources.

"Success at School" Highlights:

Building Executive-Function Skills:

We enlisted psychologists Peg Dawson, Ed.D., and Richard Guare, Ph.D., coauthors of Smart but Scattered and Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents, to give their best tips and strategies for sharpening these kills in your child.

Skill Set 1: Remember More
Smart ways to help your kids retain more information.
Tip #1: Find out what your students have heard. Have children with weak working memory repeat assignment instructions and clarify any parts that they may have forgotten.

Skill Set 2: Do It Now (Not Later)
Procrastination-busting strategies to help your child get started on assignments.
Tip #1: Establish a set time to do tasks that your child puts off. If your child knows that homework begins after an hour of play, there's less need to nag as the schedule becomes a habit.

Skill Set 3: Focus Longer
Getting work done when boredom or distraction hits.
Tip #1: In the classroom, cover or remove visual distractions. Erase unnecessary information from the board and remove visual clutter.

And more!

Other Fall 2011 Must-Reads:

It's Different for Women
Girls and women with ADHD have greater challenges than their male counterparts. Here is a plan for meeting them.

Check Up on Your Doctor!
Medication rules your doctor might not know -- but should -- to minimize symptoms and optimize your treatment plan.

"You're So Sensitive!"
If you keep hearing this from family and friends, perhaps you have a condition that coexists with ADHD called hypersensitivity.

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