Top 10 Articles of June: Less Mess, Fewer Fights

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ADHD News Feed | posted by Mary Kearl

1. When Symptoms Cause Relationship Problems
ADHD couples' most common (and complicated) struggles -- solved!»
>>PLUS: Increase the Teamwork on Housework, Decrease the Fights

2. Natural Worry Cures
Thinking about everything that could go wrong does not make life more predictable or safe. Instead, to reduce stress and increase focus...» 
>>PLUS: Establishing Healthy Habits for Life

3. Sports Designed for ADHD Kids and Adults to Succeed
Not all sports are created equally. How ADHD brains can reap the benefits of exercise and play.»
>>PLUS: Share Your Favorite ADHD-Friendly Product or Tool

4. Putting an End to ADHD Negativity
While traditional forms of therapy can go on for years, this kind of therapy typically yields its benefits in only 12 to 15 one-hour sessions.»
>>PLUS: What an ADHD Dad Learned From His ADHD Son

5. The Best Gift for ADHD Brains
Exercise can be boring, take a lot of time, and be difficult to do. But it's one of the best gifts for ADHD brains because...»
>>PLUS: "How I (Try to) Survive Mornings With ADHD"

6. Secrets of Successful ADDers
To be successful, be willing to fail. If you never fail, you won't ever...»
>>PLUS: Hidden Benefits of ADHD

7. Advice From ADHD Industry Leaders
"I'm a big believer that, if you know what something is, you can deal with it," says Robin Stephens, a professional organizer and wellness coach with ADHD. Her strategies and tricks to help manage symptoms. Plus, advice from other famous ADHDers.»
>>PLUS: Ask Industry Leaders About Managing ADHD on the Job

8. No More Messes!
How ADDitude readers encourage even the most disorganized kids to consistently help out around the house -- without fighting!»
>>PLUS: 40 Simple Tips to Get Organized

9. Banish Mood Monsters
To help your child address her feelings of overwhelming sadness, worry, or other extreme moods, try the following...»
>>PLUS: Answers to Your Top Parenting Questions

10. Conversation Survival Skills
Because of our unique brain wiring, we are likely to drift away from a single thought into a complex web of feelings and ideas. Don't beat yourself up or feel helpless because of it. Be a better listener.»
>>PLUS: Social Anxiety Survival Strategies

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