Music to Soothe an ADHD Soul?

With good humor and good music, Loomis & the Lust's song "A.D.D." gets to the heart of attention deficit symptoms and traits -- inattention, difficulty focusing, and creativity, to name a few.
ADHD News Feed | posted by Wayne Kalyn

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) has its serious side -- forgetting to pick up you daughter from school or missing a deadline at work. So when you get an opportunity to smile, guffaw, or thumb your nose at the ADD/ADHD gremlins, you take it. The song and music video “A.D.D" by Loomis & the Lust, an indie group from Santa Barbara, California, delivers that kind of moment.

Frontman Will Loomis has ADD/ADHD, so writing a song about the twisting corridors of his brain was a natural reflex. That’s what artists do sometimes -- write about what they know. The fact that the video struck a chord with so many viewers surprised Loomis. At this point, “A.D.D.,” which debuted in August 2010, has drawn nearly 600,000 eyeballs on YouTube.

The video portrays ADD/ADHD in high-definition. Loomis and the band are deftly, hilariously spliced into TV shows, films, the halls of Congress -- everywhere, it seems, as they sing, “ADD, it gets the best of me/ADD, always messed with me,” twirl around, and flex their attention deficit muscles.

It might be too much of an ADD/ADHD moment for some viewers. Several commented that the video is too fast-paced even for their speeding brain. Others claimed that the three-minute romp only confirms their diagnosis in spades. Why not decide for yourself?

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