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See what resources the editors and ADHD experts have put together for ADD adults and parents of ADHD children in the newest issue.
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Greetings from the editors of ADDitude magazine!

New to adult ADD/ADHD? Well-seasoned in parenting ADD/ADHD children? Special ed teacher? ADD/ADHD treatment professional? Long-time fan of ADDitude magazine? Dedicated reader? There's something for everyone in the newest issue of ADDitude!

Summer Issue Highlights:

  • Women We Love Undeterred by a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD and determined to succeed, these seven role modes -- inlcuding Roxy Olin and Patricia Quinn, M.D. -- tell us how they ovecame the odds.
  • It's the Little Things Eight experts with ADD/ADHD tell you their little tricks for staying organized and on top of their lives and careers.
  • Girl on a Mission Tips for motivating your high-achieving child, when giving up isn't an option.

PLUS, you won't want to miss:

  • The ADDitude Guide to Defeating Indecision
  • Summer School That Works for Our Kids
  • Sitter Strategies
  • Road Test: Five Omega-3's Reviewed

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All the best,

-The editors of ADDitude

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