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Learning Disabilities, School Success, and a Parent's Emotions on

From misplaced anger -- Why isn't my child trying harder? -- to frustration -- Why can't the school provide better support? --'s recent blog post addresses the gamut of emotions moms and dads of children with learning disabilities (LD) grapple with and offers these coping strategies. Other grade-A entries include "Establish Routines for a Smooth School Year" and "Options for Helping a Struggling Student."

"What's in a Label?" Asks the National Center for Learning Disabilities' LD Insights Blog

The National Center for Learning Disabilities' (NCLD) LD Insights Blog has an excellent piece about our society's obsession with labeling everything -- sometimes even to our own detriment. As the mental health experts begin working on the fifth edition of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the guide used to diagnose a variety of conditions, NCLD blogger Sheldon Horowitz, Ed.D., questions why labels and listings that affect members of the LD community -- including educators, psychologists, and speech-language pathologists -- are not up for review. And further, Horowitz wonders why the medical terminology used in the DSM does not match up with the legal jargon used in educational policy of the last decade. Other recent LD Insight Blog posts cover demystifying learning disabilities and career development for youth with LD.

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