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ADHD News Feed | posted by Hilary Tuttle An Online Destination for Personal Organizing Coaching

One of our favorite organizational gurus, the FlyLady, a.k.a. the fabulous Marla Cilley, has vacation-planning tips and packing lists to help make taking a summer trip easy breezy! By breaking down big projects into manageable steps, she makes getting out of town as easy as she helped us make cleaning the house. While you’re visiting the site, work on your stay-organized plan for the year! The FlyLady has step-by-step lessons on organization, and we also love her daily e-mails with helpful suggestions and words of encouragement. [Source:] A New Organizing and Cleaning Website, Perfect for ADD Adults? forums member Autumn Night asked, "Wouldn't it be great if there was an ADD List of Weekly Household Chores online? Like, one made up by the ADD experts, simple and not overwhelming?" And Arkypam had just the answer: "There's a new, free website you might want to check out called Each night (six days a week) they send out a list of cleaning/organizing tasks for the next day. By picking only three tasks, the creator swears your house will change dramatically. Each day she focuses on a different room. No pressure. ONE daily e-mail. She has a good blog, too. I find it's perfect for ADDers."

We just subscribed! What cleaning and organizing tips and finds have you accumulated over the years? Share your gems here or in the forums. Happy cleaning! [Source: Forums] Best Online To-Do Program?

When Chrysalis68 bought an iPod, her first move was to take to the forums to get other ADDers’ suggestions on the best organizational programs for her new gadget. As replies poured in, we learned about a bunch of great calendar tools, but we’re particularly excited to try VeronicaLodge’s suggestion: “Being able to synch them with my computer is key,” she explained. “I really like TeuxDeux -- it’s free, has an easy way to track to do lists and calendar stuff, and it looks like a datebook on your screen.” Sounds like the best of both worlds to us! What are your favorites? [Source: Forums]

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