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ADHD News Feed | posted by Hilary Tuttle

Angry, But Real: Special Needs Mom Sounds Off

With one son who has Asperger's and one with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADD/ADHD and oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), this mom blogger is angry, and we get it. We love her honest take on the challenges of parenting children with learning disabilities (LDs), from how going to the grocery store becomes an atypical challenge to how the moms and dads in her area -- even the ones with special needs kids -- just don't understand. [Source:]

Life's Always an Adventure: An ADHD Mom's Survival Strategies

Blogger Penny Williams juggles an ADD/ADHD son, an active daughter, and her own real estate career. She shares personal stories, tips on treatments that have and haven't worked, and a general look at the struggles and adventures of one ADD/ADHD family. We loved her recent post, which offered fresh perspective on how to improvise alternative treatments: : Hot dogs and blowing bubbles are involved. Curious? You'll have to check out the post! [Source:]

Multimedia Mavens: These Moms Cyber-Socialize on LDs

The Coffee Klatch is something of an LD online empire. With a blog, active Twitter presence, and an Internet radio channel, all dedicated to covering special needs topics, four moms have created a community for parents to discuss issues, share stories, and trade tips from the comfort of a computer. [Source:]

Plus: Our Own ADD/ADHD Mom Blog!

While we love all of Kay Marner's blogs for, for this special mom-blogger edition of ADD Chatter Overheard Online, it seems appropriate to include one of the most important messages for those parenting ADD/ADHD kids: ditch the guilt! Kay's advice on shame-free parenting prompted heartfelt feedback from readers. If you haven't read it, check it out and post your thoughts! [Source:'s ADHD Parenting Blog]

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