Video Game Time Linked to Attention Issues, ADHD Patch OK for Older Kids, and More

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ADHD News Feed | posted by Hilary Tuttle

Video Game and TV-Hours Linked to Attention Problems

According to a study published in Pediatrics this week, video game and television exposure may contribute to developing attention problems. The researchers followed 1,300 school-age kids who logged video game and TV-watching hours and then asked their teachers about classroom behavior. Kids who spent more than two hours per day in front of the screen had more difficulty concentrating on schoolwork, as did undergraduate students, who doubled their risk of above-average concentration struggles. [Source: Reuters]

ADHD Medication Patch Approved for Teens with ADD/ADHD

After we read about a recent study on stimulants for older people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), the FDA has approved the medicated patch Daytrana to treat ADD/ADHD teens. [Source: Shire Pharmaceuticals]

Rudeness Linked to Increased Workplace Mistakes

Adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder often have trouble focusing at work as it is. According to applied psychology professor Rhona Flin, in the British Medical Journal, rudeness -- whether experienced or simply seen at work -- makes people more likely to make mistakes on the job. With one study finding that as much as 10 percent of employees see workplace rudeness daily, this new link is definitely something for ADDers to keep in mind when planning for career success! [Source: Science Daily]

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