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“Sock Elves” Make Lost Laundry History

Since we know that adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) can never have too many handy tips to get organized, we thought we'd share one from forums member Po with ADHD about defending your laundry against the thievery of “sock elves.” Check out her real-life laundry-sorting solution and share your own organizing tip! [Source: Forums]

Siblings of Attention-Deficit Kids Get the Deficit of Parental Attention

Thirteen-year-old "Tired of the ADHD," who submitted a letter to an advice columnist for San Jose's Mercury News this week about her brother Russell, an 11-year old boy with ADD/ADHD, got us thinking. She raised valid concerns about how she feels her parents treat them so differently. When she suggested they get counseling to stop seeing ADD/ADHD as an excuse for Russell’s behavior, she writes that they said she’s the problem. Have you had similar issues parenting ADD/ADHD and non-ADD/ADHD siblings? [Source: Mercury News]

Animated Short Provides Awareness of ADHD Experience

This animated YouTube video, produced by Janssen-Cilag Ltd., provides those without ADD/ADHD a glimpse of what daily life is like for us. According to LivingWithADHD, the film is the product of interviews with groups of doctors, patients, parents, and teachers who feel that too often people think "ADHD" is just an excuse for "badly behaved kids." [Source: YouTube]

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