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“ADD/ADHD and Your Money” Brought to You by ADDitude

One of our attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) experts, Dr. Stephanie Sarkis, took to the web to help adult ADDers get organized and manage their money. As an ADD/ADHD patient and the author of three books on the topic, she certainly knows her stuff. Check out her financial tips, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Celebrities with Learning Disabilities

We know there are some pretty cool celebs with ADD out there, and we bet you do, too. Beyond our personal ADHD heroes, though, are a lot of stars who have embraced their learning disabilities (LD) to become successful entertainers. Here's a list of famous people to get you thinking about how much you can accomplish with LD and/or ADD/ADHD. And you might want to add some movies to your Netflix queue to share in the LD camaraderie!

WHAT Are You Talking About?

Catching up on blogger Erin Moore’s posts is as satisfying as venting to your best friend about an ADD/ADHD partner -- plus, you get great advice in the process! In a recent entry on “So I married an ADDer," Moore talks about the challenges of talking to a partner with ADD/ADHD. She shares her tips for keeping up in conversations that involve multiple streams of thought -- many of which you may not even understand. [Source: So I Married an ADDer]

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