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Google Background Image: Delightful or Distracting?

As some of you may have noticed, Google experimented with customizable background images for its search page this week. Some users were surprised -- and rather distracted -- by what they saw when they opened the website and it’s drawn a lot of discussion online. The one-day collaboration with artists is no longer in effect, so search pages are once again (relatively) clutter-free -- unless you choose to customize your Googling experience and embrace the distraction. (See the screen shot of to the right to see what we mean -- thanks Mike Knell for posting this lovely photo.) [Source: The Week]

Maternal Education and Welfare Receipt Linked to ADHD Risk (We Aren’t So Sure…)

Links to this study have been cropping up all over our Twitter feed. We were curious, so we clicked the link, and discovered that, according Swedish researchers who studied more than one million school-aged children, social adversity -- such as low maternal education levels and accepting welfare -- may predict the need for use of medication to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) in children. We aren’t so sure about this one -- what do you think? [Source: Medscape]

Magazines Get an ADHD Makeover

One blogger, Jeff, of, took it upon himself to redesign magazines for the ADD mind. His cleverly photoshopped covers include gems ranging from ADHD Sex magazine's tagline, "Always Fast - Sometimes Satisfying," to Astonomy magazine's cover story, "Is Their Universe Connected to Ours?" Check out these amusing mock-mags for good, old-fashioned, poke-fun-at-ourselves stress relief. [Source:]

If We Don't Use ADHD as an Excuse…Neither Should Our "Friends"

In our forums, missblue bemoans how her family members and friends undermine her achievements (or lack of them) or dismiss arguments by blaming it all on the ADD. missblue says "I'm feeling [extremely] left out of the normal world that everyone else lives in because of this constant scrutiny." What do you think? [Source: forums]

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