Find a Lost Cell Phone in Your House: 'Where's My Cell Phone' Calls You for Free

Have a habit of misplacing (okay, losing) your cell phone in your room, home, or office? As long as you have internet connection handy, you'll never have to waste minutes (or hours) searching again.
ADHD News Feed | posted by Mary Kearl
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Okay, I'll admit it. I lose, or lose track of, my cell phone. A lot. If someone -- a stranger or friend -- is nearby, I'll have the poor soul call my phone, and I'll strain to hear which direction the ringing is coming from. If not, I'll search all over and end up finding it in reasonable places (the bottom of my purse), or not (in that hard-to-reach place under my bed). One such time, when I was alone, Google did me a favor: I found, "Where's My Cell Phone", a site that calls your phone -- free of charge. The trick is, you have to remember to have the ringer on, and be in good hearing range. They must have stumbled upon a good thing, however, because as of writing this they claim to have helped people find 4,351,530 lost phones.

Plus: Gadgets that help you keep track of everything.

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