National Grammar Day: Writing Advice for ADD/ADHD Students

March 4th is National Grammar Day (who knew?), so we're celebrating by sharing our best writing advice for students living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
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Parents talk about word processing gadgets for ADHD children with learning and writing disabilities. ©istockphoto/dell640

National Grammar Day, brought to you by the Society for Promotion of Good Grammar, was created in 2008. It's celebrated on March 4, which is today, and even though we're not sure whether it's a spoof or publicity stunt, we thought we'd take this opportunity to showcase the best of the best writing advice ADDitude offers for students living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD). Enjoy!


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· Expert vocabulary-memorizing tips for ADD/ADHD students

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· Writing, editing, and perfecting the five-paragraph essay

· The guide to writing for students with learning disabilities

· Writing a school paper? How to get organized

Plus find more great resources as our special section dedicated to success at school.

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