October Top 10: Most Popular Articles

The most popular ADDitudeMag.com articles last month...
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How to Write an IEP

How to draft an individualized education program that will provide the accommodations ADHD students need to achieve success at school.

Happy Holidays...Really!

Four easy ways for ADD adults to get organized, simplify life, and better manage gift-giving this holiday season.

Can Brain Scans Help Diagnose ADHD?

Some ADHD doctors offer patients high-tech options for diagnosis. Are these technologies helpful in determining the cause of an ADHD child's behavioral and emotional symptoms?

Diagnosing and Treating Bipolar Disorder

Symptoms of ADHD and bipolar disorder are often confused—and often coexist in the same person. How to make the distinction, and suggestions for treating bipolar disorder along with ADHD.

Top 10 Routine Builders for ADHD Children

Create better structure with organization help for children with ADHD.

Great Sports for ADHD Children

11 ways to help the coach of your ADHD child expose her natural talent, better provide instructions, and make her team-sport experience a good one.

Get Organized with ADHD: Tackle the Paper Clutter

A system that helps ADHD adults get organized and put an end to those piles of paper.

Teaching Better Behavior Through Chores

Household chores work wonders in easing ADHD behavior problems and teaching discipline to children.

Take a Deep Breath: Stress Less with Adult ADHD

Nine ways for adults with ADD to slow down, take a deep breath, and reduce stress in their busy lives.

Procrastination at School: Helping ADHD Students Cram for Tests

5 strategies to help children with ADHD study for that big school test - tomorrow!
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