'Success at School' Issue: Sneak Peak

The new issue of ADDitude is bursting with back-to-school resources for ADHD children and parents.
ADHD News Feed | posted by ADDitude Editors
The Fall 2008 issue of ADDitude covers hundreds of strategies for success at school.

Attention ADDitude subscribers! Your copies of our annual "Success at School" issue will arrive in early August!

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1. Organization tips for lockers, desks, backpacks, and bedrooms

2. Memory-building exercises

3. A step-by-step plan for securing ADHD school accommodations

4. Strategies for building better writing and verbal skills

And more...

And in case you just can't wait for your issue of ADDitude to arrive, here's a sneak preview of...

When ADHD Kids Fidget: Better Focus Through Multitasking

Why ADHD adults and children may actually concentrate, focus and stay on task better with a little foot-tapping, gum-chewing fidgeting.

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