We're Spending More on ADHD

A new analysis predicts a nationwide jump in spending on ADHD meds.
ADHD News Feed | posted by Wayne Kalyn
Graph ADHD increase

New research indicates that spending on ADD and ADHD medications will jump 25 percent in the next three years — faster than any other traditional medication category, including diabetes. According to Express Scripts Drug Trend Report, the spike is largely due to the increasing number of middle-aged adults taking medication and wider diagnosis of the condition throughout the country.

Highlights from the report, which gauged the responses of enrollees in Express Scripts pharmacy plans from 2008 to 2010, include:

>> The annual estimates of average cost for each ADD patient range from $1,574 to $17,458.

>> Expenses vary by geographic region:

  • The South ranks highest among those diagnosed with ADD and using ADD medications, but the region had the lowest growth rate in terms of ADD-related costs.
  • The Northeast is the fastest growing region for ADD diagnosis, medication use, and ADD-related medical and pharmacy spending. Costs grew nearly 60 percent from 2008-2010.
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