Amanda Driscoll is a dedicated runner who’s busy chasing after her ADHD kids. She writes about her triumphs, hardships, and the lessons she’s learned along the way—diagnoses, IEP meetings, organization challenges, medication changes, and more.

posted: Tuesday October 29th - 11:14am

Thanks to the Teachers Who Love My Child

Science Class
Not long ago I had the pleasure of attending my son’s annual staffing. This is the annual back-to-school meeting where I get the chance to introduce myself to each of his subject teachers and discuss his challenges, my concerns, and our goals. Last year’s staffing was a very stressful meeting, as we had come off a rough summer filled with new treatment attempts and a whole...
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posted: Monday June 17th - 10:23am

Stressed about Tests

High-stakes testing takes a toll on my sensitive kid.

Student taking a test
With springtime came the most stressful time of year for many of our children, their teachers, and consequently their parents. Because I had been busier than ever with marathon training and school-related volunteer activities this year, the actual timing had sort of snuck up on me. I was enjoying my time in “La, La, Things Are Good Now" Land. That is, until a ride through carpool...
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posted: Tuesday April 16th - 4:09pm

Coming Into My Own as an ADHD Advocate

I've finally become a seasoned advocate for my ADHD son. It just took a dozen IEP meetings to get here.

Strategies for Implementing an IEP at School for the Child with ADHD
Last week I had the pleasure of attending the 12th annual Individualized Education Plan (IEP) committee meeting for my son. Reflecting over the last twelve years of meetings like these has been an enlightening experience. The mother that sat at the first IEP meeting is a completely different person than the one that just attended her 12th. While navigating the system for my son, I’ve become...
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posted: Wednesday January 30th - 11:40am

He’s Just Not That Into…Anyone

When a social butterfly mom has a lone wolf for a son.

ADHD mom blogger Amanda Driscoll
It was about a year ago that I was in tears one night with the persistent thought, "What’s wrong with my kid now?” swirling around in my brain. The trigger was that my oldest child, my most severely ADHD one, had decided that he no longer wanted to play his beloved team sport. Then, when his middle school social committee hosted the first dance of the...
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posted: Friday October 12th - 9:58am

Reading, Writing, and Reconnecting to Start a Successful Year

Sure, IEPs are important for kids with attention deficit. But what's even more helpful to start the school year right? Open communication with my children's teachers.

Back to school season always elicits a mixed bag of emotions for me. As a mom to two children with ADHD, I waver between the utter excitement that they will be "entertained" for six hours of the day, and the fear of phone calls, homework, and the morning routine. While they spent the summer hoping it would never come, that magical day did arrive where I...
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posted: Monday September 10th - 10:12am

The Summer We'll Never Forget

What happened when we decided to try a new course of ADHD treatment.

This has been a summer we'll never forget. It was filled with exciting adventures, extensive travel, and most notably, no ADHD medication. It was a very long and challenging summer, but one that taught us many lessons. We decided to take Holden, our oldest, off his stimulant meds this summer because of some adverse reactions he'd experienced throughout the spring. The side effects began to outweigh the...
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posted: Thursday July 26th - 9:17pm

Uncharted Territory

Why we're changing up our ADHD treatment plan.

The last six months have been an interesting journey with both of my ADHD children. Facing challenges and changes, I've taken off my rose-colored glasses in order to truly evaluate what has been working for them and what's not. While my daughter's treatment program seems to be working quite well for her, I can't say the same for my son. When we decided to medicate him many...
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posted: Tuesday July 17th - 9:48pm

Try and Enjoy the Ride

I actually look forward to my annual cross-country drive with my ADHD kids — all 1,422 miles of it.

Every summer my kids and I take a road trip to visit family in my hometown and neighboring states. This 1,422 mile, journey is one that most parents, especially those of ADHD kids, would dread. Driving twenty-four hours with any child, let alone two with ADHD and a two-year-old, does sound a little extreme. However, I look forward to it because it's the one time...
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posted: Sunday June 17th - 2:49pm

A Few Simple Words

The acceptance and support of one special teacher made my ADHD son proud and happy — and made me cry with relief.

Before school ended, my teenager came home from school and made an announcement that practically made me fall out of my chair. He told me that his social studies teacher has requested he be in her class again next year. After the shock wore off, I started to cry. I have lived with Holden for 13 years and know his ins and outs. As much as...
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posted: Wednesday June 13th - 8:12am

Wound Up at the Checkup

What's so hard about a quick yearly visit to the psychiatrist? For my son with attention deficit, everything.

Yesterday we had our annual ADHD check up and I'm still feeling the effects. This twice-a-year event physically and emotionally drains me. Upon returning home from our visit last night, I just wanted to curl up on the couch and cry myself to sleep. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm charged with the task of having all three children dressed (appropriately), out the door, and...
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