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Amanda Driscoll is a dedicated runner who’s busy chasing after her ADHD kids. She writes about her triumphs, hardships, and the lessons she’s learned along the way—diagnoses, IEP meetings, organization challenges, medication changes, and more.

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Archives: October 2012

posted: Friday October 12th - 9:58am

Reading, Writing, and Reconnecting to Start a Successful Year

Sure, IEPs are important for kids with attention deficit. But what's even more helpful to start the school year right? Open communication with my children's teachers.

Back to school season always elicits a mixed bag of emotions for me. As a mom to two children with ADHD, I waver between the utter excitement that they will be "entertained" for six hours of the day, and the fear of phone calls, homework, and the morning routine. While they spent the summer hoping it would never come, that magical day did arrive where I...
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