Sarah is a working mother, appreciative wife, and fierce advocate for her six-year-old daughter, Hadley, who was recently diagnosed with ADHD. She admits that some days are harder than others, but the successes make it all worthwhile.

posted: Sunday October 5th - 9:52pm

Friends, Competitors — Sisters

I was worried how Hadley would feel when her younger sister moved past her. When the moment came, things turned out better than I ever expected.

ADHD Siblings: Sisters Hugging
Hadley has a younger sister, Brinley, who I haven't written about much. Brinley starts kindergarten next year, and is a handful. I haven't decided if she will get a diagnosis or not. She certainly doesn't have the learning struggles or the coordination concerns Hadley has had. If nothing else, there are days that I wish I had Brinley's energy. In the back of my mind, I've worried...
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posted: Tuesday June 10th - 12:21pm

The Amazing Race

Finishing a half marathon made my daughter proud of me, just as I’m proud of her when she doesn’t give up.

Running a Race
I recently completed my first half marathon at 36 years old. I chose a race that was about three hours from home. We decided to make a weekend of it as a family. A few days before the race, Hadley’s teacher e-mailed me to tell me how proud Hadley was of me. At the end of the grueling race — a thunderstorm drenched the runners along the...
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posted: Friday September 20th - 11:36am

The Popularity Contest Begins — But My Daughter's Only Seven

yellow school bus
I haven't blogged in some time. Really, we didn't have too many crazy things going on to blog about. After meeting Hadley's teacher tonight I wonder if we should have implemented more structure. We ended the school year on a positive note, and daycare this summer went pretty well. I am anxious to see how this week goes. Twice I've asked her teacher if we should meet...
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posted: Wednesday March 27th - 9:48am

Book Review: Todd Rose's Square Peg

Square Peg by Todd Rose. "This memoir of growing up ADHD offers relatable stories from a man who's been where our struggling kids are — and managed to achieve excellence."
Square Peg is a combination of memoir, self-proclaimed manifesto, and education wake-up call. Todd Rose is able to articulate what I feel many parents of children with ADHD know, that our children learn differently. They are square pegs expected to fit in a round hole. This is something I have heard many times from parents in our CHADD meetings. I have often said that in school...
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posted: Wednesday February 27th - 10:59am

What Personal Space?

Hadley's principal called and told me that Hadley had been hit in the face by another little girl. She reassured me that Hadley was fine. She'd shed some tears, but mostly from having her feelings hurt — she'd wanted to play with someone who didn't want to play with her. I can only imagine Hadley begging to play, and invading the other girl's personal space. If you...
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posted: Monday February 11th - 10:28am

At Long Last, Family Dinner

There are statistics tied to eating dinner as a family. Kids who do are less likely to be overweight, will make healthier choices overall, and have better grades. I know this, as I am sure many of you do. I also know that over the years I've had to learn to pick my battles to manage mealtimes. Don't get me wrong, some nights we ate our meals...
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posted: Tuesday November 20th - 11:27am

An ADHD Mom's October Surprise

This school year will be different, I am sure of it. It has to be different. I don't know that Hadley or I can make it through another year like kindergarten. I've met with Hadley's first grade teacher, new principal, and school psychologist. We have a 504 plan in place and we seem to all be on the same page. I hold my breath for...
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posted: Monday October 1st - 8:13am

Road Trip Roadblock

Thanks to careful choices about food on the road, our vacation was going well. But with one wrong turn my daughter's behavior was suddenly all over the map.

We enjoyed a summer vacation to South Dakota's Black Hills and a family reunion at the end of July. We planned to be gone for 10 days camping in our pop-up camper. My now-three-year-old barely slept in it last year, and being confined to a small space with the four of us doesn't sound like family bonding time; it sounds like insanity. Even writing this now,...
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posted: Thursday August 9th - 10:22am

Better Food, Better Mood

I'm sure people think we're crazy for being so concerned with everything she eats, but they don't have to deal with the end results.

We're careful about what our kids eat, but holidays and special occasions are never easy. I always struggle about whether to stay on track with a schedule and what my girls eat, or to let my kids "just be kids." After Easter I told myself I would never compromise what Hadley ate ever again — we paid for it over a couple of days — but...
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posted: Monday June 11th - 9:22am

Summer Break…Sort Of

For most people, school vacation means freedom and flexibility — but there's no summer break from ADHD. Time to stick with what worked during the school year.

I've been on the countdown for the last five months. The daily stress of wondering what Hadley is doing, how is she doing, did she keep her hands to herself, did she call someone a name, how many stickers did she get, has taken its toll. But when May finally arrived, I didn't find myself counting down; I found myself wishing she had just a little...
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