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Sarah is a working mother, appreciative wife, and fierce advocate for her six-year-old daughter, Hadley, who was recently diagnosed with ADHD. She admits that some days are harder than others, but the successes make it all worthwhile.

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Archives: February 2013

posted: Wednesday February 27th - 10:59am

What Personal Space?

Hadley's principal called and told me that Hadley had been hit in the face by another little girl. She reassured me that Hadley was fine. She'd shed some tears, but mostly from having her feelings hurt — she'd wanted to play with someone who didn't want to play with her. I can only imagine Hadley begging to play, and invading the other girl's personal space. If you...
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posted: Monday February 11th - 10:28am

At Long Last, Family Dinner

There are statistics tied to eating dinner as a family. Kids who do are less likely to be overweight, will make healthier choices overall, and have better grades. I know this, as I am sure many of you do. I also know that over the years I've had to learn to pick my battles to manage mealtimes. Don't get me wrong, some nights we ate our meals...
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