An ADHD Mom's October Surprise

The start of school finds this mother anxious and on-edge about the coming year. But will it really be so bad?
The Distracted Princess | posted by Sarah Kaczmarek

It's sad that based on our experience last year, I find my daughter's good behavior in school too good to be true.

— Sarah Kaczmarek, blogger

This school year will be different, I am sure of it. It has to be different. I don't know that Hadley or I can make it through another year like kindergarten. I've met with Hadley's first grade teacher, new principal, and school psychologist. We have a 504 plan in place and we seem to all be on the same page. I hold my breath for school to start, awaiting what lies ahead.

It's the second week of school and Hadley's behavior chart has had all yeses with a few scattered nos. Last year she was anywhere from 50-70 percent yeses. I ask Lenny if I should call the teacher to see if she's too lenient and he says, "No!" He worries we may cause her to pick at every little nuance. At first I thought maybe the teacher was easing her into the routine, but this continues. It's sad that based on our experience last year, I find Hadley's good behavior in school too good to be true.

When I e-mail her teacher, she responds within 24 hours. She even sends an e-mail to apologize for forgetting Hadley's reward for the week. Ironically I receive the message during our CHADD meeting, and I share it with other parents.

Fast-forward through fall: I'm sitting in front of Hadley's teacher at conferences last month and I want to cry. I am a mixed bag of emotions. In front of me I have a teacher who understands my child. A teacher who brings out the best in my child. Hadley is thriving this year. I feel like I can exhale.

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