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Bill D discovered he had ADHD while in a 12-step program to overcome his alcohol addiction. It has been a long, winding road for managing both conditions, but he moves forward. Bill D. shares his struggles and victories in learning to accept his addiction and ADHD.

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Archives: December 2012

posted: Friday December 7th - 1:09pm

Asking the Write Questions

I like to write. It’s a fun hobby, a creative outlet, and I’ve always had hopes that I could get some fiction published. Since starting my ADD medication though, I haven’t felt as driven to write. I’m trying to determine if that’s a good thing.

Toward the end of my drinking career, I would find time — or make the time when I needed — to smoke, nip off a bottle of vodka and write in my little spiral notebooks. It was an escape. I wasn’t writing anything readable. The novel I was working on at the time was about an actively alcoholic journalist but I didn’t make the connection...
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