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Bill D discovered he had ADHD while in a 12-step program to overcome his alcohol addiction. It has been a long, winding road for managing both conditions, but he moves forward. Bill D. shares his struggles and victories in learning to accept his addiction and ADHD.

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Archives: March 2012

posted: Wednesday March 7th - 10:26am

C'Mon Feel the Noise: ADHD & Productive Static

A healthy dose of white noise actually quiets my ADHD mind, allowing it to focus on what's important. Telling a good buzz from a bad buzz hasn't always been easy, though.

I don't have time to write this blog. And if I did, I'd never get it done. It's good to know that about myself. I feel more productive with three balls in the air and a bit of drama or self-inflicted crisis in the background. The "noise" of deadlines and anxiety helps me focus, and I dare say I'm not the only ADHD adult who performs better...
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