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Bill D discovered he had ADHD while in a 12-step program to overcome his alcohol addiction. It has been a long, winding road for managing both conditions, but he moves forward. Bill D. shares his struggles and victories in learning to accept his addiction and ADHD.

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Archives: December 2011

posted: Thursday December 29th - 12:48pm

I Resolve Not to Resolve

New Year’s resolutions, I've always said, are nothing more than a set-up for failure. Now, after my ADHD diagnosis, I'm taking a hard look at those annual attempts and why they failed in the past.

What do I have to show for a lifetime of New Year's resolutions? A trail of abandoned best intentions -- and not much more. Whether it was quitting smoking, exercising more, or getting more organized, all of my former resolutions went by the wayside -- usually before February 1. I understand that ADHD involves a lack of sufficient blood flow to the important part of the...
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posted: Tuesday December 27th - 6:07am

What's the ADDifference?

As a teen, I used alcohol and drugs to minimize the idiosyncrasies of my ADHD brain. Now in recovery, I'm finally ready to embrace them.

You hear it in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings all the time: That story of adolescent awkwardness -- of not fitting in with family, classmates, the "in crowd." Feeling different often precedes the first fateful drink. And alcohol too often becomes the Number One escape because it alleviates that uncomfortable feeling of difference. The type of drinker who ends up in an AA meeting feels like they...
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posted: Sunday December 18th - 1:17pm

How To-Do Lists Are Saving My Life. Really.

No wonder the 12-step recovery program is so helpful for me. It's a list that my ADHD mind can conquer one day at a time!

One of the great and simple tools I’ve learned to help me manage my ADHD is the to-do list. I’m not super-organized (obviously) and am very low tech. My lists at work are usually scratched out on whatever pad is sitting closest to the top of a pile on my chaotic desk. Once its there though, the list acts like a beacon, a lighthouse I...
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posted: Monday December 12th - 9:13pm

Understanding My Head: My Alcoholism and My ADHD

I was nine months into sobriety and learning how to handle life without alcohol when my addiction-specialist counselor suggested that my disorganization, procrastination, lack of impulse control may stem from ADHD. He was right.

My addiction-specialist counselor asked me one day if I had ever been diagnosed with ADHD. I had not. It had never even crossed my mind. I was nine months into sobriety and learning how to handle life without alcohol. He told me a little about ADHD, enough that I could recognize myself; disorganization, procrastination, lack of impulse control and, of course, substance abuse. I called my wife after...
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