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Stephen Anfield is a 30-something professional whose busy life is complicated and immeasurably enhanced by his ADHD symptoms. Anfield writes about the techniques he uses to manage ADHD, while admitting that what works for him might not work for you.

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Archives: May 2011

posted: Monday May 9th - 1:00pm

My Only Long-Term Relationship Has Been With ADHD

Being a thirtysomething adult with ADHD ain't all bad ... and it ain’t all good either. Living and working in a world that does not favor the oftentimes misunderstood mind of someone with ADHD presents itself with many challenges. Overcommitment, time management, and a busy social calendar are my closest frenemies. Welcome to my life with ADHD.

My attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) is, unfortunately, my life partner. As with any relationship, you take the good with the bad. For me, it seems that more often than not the good outweighs the bad. For years, I never really knew how to label this relationship, as I could never find the right word to describe it. If I had to...
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