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The fast-moving Internet is an ADHDer's dream...except when it comes to time management, as this Pinterest-loving smartphone-addicted blogger can attest.
Bright, Shiny Objects | posted by Stephen Anfield
Stephen Anfield, ADHD Blogger

You can't plan for crazy.

— Stephen Anfield, adult ADHD blogger

I know, I’re probably wondering why I haven’t been posting on a frequent basis, right? If you’re not subscribed to my public updates on Facebook, then you’ve been missing out on all the randomness that has been happening in my life. I tend to think in 140-character spurts, so you can imagine how difficult it is for me to sit down for an extended amount of time to write a blog post. It’s like, one of the toughest things ever for the ADHD mind. To break up this blog post, I’ll be providing subtle directives along the way. Ready? Here’s your first one.

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If you clicked on the link, WELCOME BACK! If you didn’t, go click on the link. Now. I’ll wait.

Okay. As I was saying before, things have been a bit crazy in the life and times of Stephen Anfield. (Are you surprised?) So, you might recall a blog post I wrote about my obsession with Pinterest. If not, you should go read it because it’s imperative to the next part of my story. I’ll wait.

Done? K. Good. As I was saying...

My “obsession” with Pinterest might’ve been picked up by a little news network called CNN. In a recent feature titled “800 texts in a week? Diaries of 3 smartphone addicts,” I was actually asked to track my smartphone usage for one week! Crazy, right? I highly recommend each of y’all do something similar to see how your time is being spent because it helped me to reallocate time to do other writing blog posts for ADDitude!

In all seriousness, logging my time was a great exercise in time management that could be applied to a variety of different areas in my life. I feel that I’m on my way to figuring out where some of my lost time is going, which might make me more productive. Give it some thought. While you’re thinking, here’s your second task. Ready?

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If you’re now subscribed, thanks! If not, you’re missing out. If you’re ready for the next bit of craziness, then keep reading.

So, as you may or may not know, the United States has just wrapped up another election cycle. If you live in a battleground state, you’re familiar with the inundation of political ads. I, for one, live in a battleground state, and I was beginning to forget what regular television programming looked like. In an effort to do my civic duty and then some, I travelled to Ohio to campaign! That’s right...I went to the O-H-I-O to knock on doors and canvass my little heart out. It was an incredible experience, and I highly recommend canvassing if you’re someone with ADHD. It’s never a dull moment, and it’s a great way to meet new people.

With my new-found log of online/smartphone time usage, I will try to post on a more consistent basis. I don’t anticipate any other craziness happening, but then again, you can’t plan for crazy. Hopefully, as you read this, you paid attention to the directives I gave. I tried to break this up as much as possible while still keeping y’all entertained.

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As always, if you have suggestions for other blog posts, feel free to comment below and let me know your thoughts. Until my next post...stay focused!

Forever distracted, Stephen

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