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Bright, Shiny Objects | posted by Stephen Anfield

If a friend falls, I make sure they're okay...and then I point and laugh.

— Stephen Anfield, adult ADHD blogger

In an effort to further connect with the awesome people who read my blog, I thought it'd be a good idea to share a few things that make me who I am. This also serves the purpose of giving me more ideas about what I can share with you as I cope with ADHD. If any of the following resonate with you, feel free to comment, and I'll be sure to respond!

1. I put my pants on (when I wear pants) one leg at a time, and the left leg is ALWAYS first. Catch me putting the right leg on first, and I'll...wait a minute...

2. I cut my own hair...with a steak knife.

3. I avoid dirty dishwater like the freakin' plague. Sometimes this means procrastinating dishwashing until I've built up enough courage to stick my hands in the water. This varies depending on how many things I can find that distract me from actually doing the dishes. And I know y'all know what I'm talking about.

4. I was recently laid off from my full-time job, and it has done a number on my self confidence.

5. Sitting still long enough to write is one of the greatest challenges I face.

6. I performed in Carnegie Hall.

7. When I was working full-time, I had quite the morning routine to get ready.

8. I enjoy helping people whenever possible, and I wish I could help even more people by sharing my experiences with ADHD.

9. I've lived in the Washington, DC metropolitan area for approximately 9 years. Live in the area? Let's hang!

10. I avoid mean people.

11. I've recently noticed that my stress/anxiety manifests itself in something called bruxism (clenching/grinding of teeth). It usually occurs at night, and I'm considering changing my name to the Nutcracker. Thoughts?

12. I have a weird, possibly unhealthy obsession with all things bacon.

13. I played the cello for 2 years.

14. My friends think I'm funny. I beg to differ.

15. I'm an only child.

16. Familiar with the Myers-Briggs? I'm an ENFP to the max.

17. Sometimes I do things to make strangers uncomfortable, like facing the back of an elevator when everyone is facing forward.

18. I used to be in gymnastics.

19. If a friend falls, I make sure they're okay...and then I point and laugh.

20. I laugh at myself. A lot.

21. Most people fall DOWN stairs. I fall UP. I guess that makes me creative.

22. My favorite flower is the pansy, because that was my grandma's name.

23. I like reading articles on ADDitudeMag.

24. My favorite color is orange.

25. I went to Shanghai and Beijing for my 30th birthday.

26. I applied for the foreign service (Department of State) about a year ago.

27. I was on the academic team in middle school.

28. I was on the chess team in elementary school.

29. I'm a self-proclaimed nerd.

30. I was in a national commercial for the University of Tennessee.

31. Plants fear me because I kill them easily.

32. I was tested for gifted education in 5th grade.

33. I learned French in 3rd grade.

34. I love eggs. However...

35. ...I do not like green eggs and ham.

36. I've met Hillary Clinton.

37. I have difficulty sitting through an entire movie.

38. I enjoy volunteering.

39. I still talk to several teachers from as far back as elementary school.

40. I just realized I'm clenching my teeth (again).

41. I also realized that I'd like a funnel cake right now. However...

42. ...I just ate 3 corn dogs for lunch.

43. I color to relieve stress.

44. I'm having difficulty thinking of a #44, so...

45. I played bassoon for 8 years.

46. I love my mom/family/friends.

47. I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. I didn't realize growing up because I had really engaging teachers, and I thank them for that.

48. It makes me smile when y'all share my blog posts.

49. I've entertained the idea of growing a mullet.

50. I enjoy being myself, which oftentimes means being silly.

Don't forget: Leave a comment if any of these have resonated with you or your child. I'll stop by and be sure to respond to each individual comment.


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