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posted: Thursday December 3rd - 9:30am

A Mom Designs a Desk to Help Her Fidgety Student Focus

When my son was strapped to his classroom desk because he couldn’t sit still, I knew something had to change—and quick.

Sitting still wasn’t an option for my young son. Like many children, especially those with learning differences and special needs, movement allowed him to focus on schoolwork. The experience of helping my son meet his educational goals inspired me and my husband, Jack, to develop a specialized classroom desk that allows kids to switch between sitting and standing at a moment’s notice, without any adult help. At...
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posted: Friday November 6th - 1:52pm

Just for Teachers: The New IEP App Will Make Your Life a Lot Easier

A newly updated app will simplify the process of writing complex IEPs for multiple students.

Are you a special education teacher who has to plan, write, and execute the IEPs of multiple students — all of which must conform to the Common Core State Standards? Don’t worry — there’s an app for that. The IEP Goals and Objectives App, designed by the National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET), allows teachers to create a list of all students receiving IEPs and to...
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posted: Monday October 26th - 10:44am

A New Reminder System You Wear on Your Wrist (That Isn’t a Watch)

WristLists is a simple tool for ADHDers to remember to take medication, pack up their backpacks, or anything else they need to be reminded about.

Every year, more “reminder tools” hit the ADHD market, ranging from smartphone apps to vibrating watches. These tools vary in effectiveness — and affordability — and many ADHDers hesitate to try another complex reminder system to help them keep track of medication, school supplies, or other things that we often forget. A new product called WristLists calls itself a “game changer,” simplifying the reminder system by nudging...
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posted: Thursday September 10th - 9:00am

What Makes a Good ADHD App?

Your feedback will lead to better apps for ADHDers everywhere.

I’m a geek dad who conceived a solution to help Leo, my wonderfully challenging son, get through each day. With the help of my cofounder, Kyle, and many others, the concept became Brili (, the first real-time system to help families who are struggling with daily routines. We technology developers get a rush out of solving problems that matter to people. But how do we...
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posted: Tuesday September 1st - 1:47pm

LearningRx: Brain Training with a Personal Touch

Many programs claim to offer brain training, but LearningRx does it with a unique “personal trainer” approach that, the company says, boosts IQ.

The concept of “brain training” has been around since the ‘80s. Many adults have used it, looking to give aging minds a regenerative boost. In recent years, however, it’s come into the spotlight as an alternative treatment for ADHD, with programs like Interactive Metronome and Cogmed talking about boosting attention, concentration, and decreasing hyperactive or impulsive behavior. LearningRx — a nationwide brain-training network with 78 locations...
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posted: Friday August 14th - 1:04pm

MindAlive: A New Alternative Treatment for ADHD?

This audio-visual entrainment device is intended for treating ADHD, autism, and other mental health concerns.

The human brain contains billions of neurons, communicating with each other through electrical impulses called brain waves. These brain waves affect how we feel, think, and act. Slow brain waves occur during sleep and deep relaxation, while faster brain waves help us feel more alert, focused, and excited. Brain waves respond to external stimuli, alerting you when to pay attention, relax, or go to sleep. Not...
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posted: Wednesday December 17th - 9:54am

Forbrain: “Use Your Voice to Boost Your Brain”?

A new product claims to sharpen your auditory system — boosting attention, memory, and more.

If you hate the sound of your own voice, you’re not alone. Many people don’t like listening to themselves talk — mostly because they’re not used to the way their voice sounds to outside ears. When you speak, you hear your voice through two different channels — your ear canals (air conduction) and the vibrations in the bones of your face (bone conduction). When you hear...
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posted: Friday December 12th - 10:03am

BrainBeat: Improving Focus in ADHD Children?

A new cognitive training program that ADHD children can do at home may boost focus, concentration, and memory.

Some people are born with rhythm and some aren’t. If you aren’t musically inclined, your inability to hold a beat may not seem like a big deal. But research over the past few years has started to show that keeping a beat may be important for other aspects of learning — focus, working memory, language processing skills, and more. This skill, known as “neurotiming,” is the basis...
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posted: Monday March 26th - 6:47am

How I Overcame My Pinterest Addiction

A true story of ADHD hyperfocus and the man who overcame it... with some high-tech help.

My name is Stephen and I'm addicted to Pinterest. If you’ve not explored the awesomeness that is Pinterest, I’ll assume you’ve been living under a rock. If you’re as active on Pinterest as I am, you’re probably spending more time on the site than you do with your family and friends. If you find yourself glued to the glow of your laptop while ‘pinning’ your favorite products...
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posted: Wednesday August 31st - 8:00am

MotivAider Review: Can This Task-Management App Help ADHD Adults?

Because I’m an adult with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), task and time management are challenges for me. Can an app like MotivAider help me focus and stay on task?

I’m a self-proclaimed app skeptic who’s on a constant search for a “get things done” (GTD) app that can help me maintain focus during activities that require every bit of my attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) concentration. A clinical psychologist by the name of Dr. Steve Levinson recently asked if I would take a look at the newest iteration of his product, the MotivAider. Some of...
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