Nozbe: Can This Task-Manager App Help ADD Adults Get Things Done?

As an adult with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), task management, time management, and organization are challenges for me. Can an app like Nozbe help keep me in line?
Gadgets & Apps | posted by Steve Etheridge

In an ongoing "get things done" series on this ADD/ADHD Product Review Blog, I’m going to be testing out digital apps and software that claim to help with task and time management, because structuring my days is often no easier than building a ship in a bottle with my toes.

I've never used an online application for staying on task before. The closest I ever got was sending myself reminders via e-mail, which I’d delete upon completion of whatever monotonous task needed lovin', but this week, as the first step in my special "get things done" series, I tried Nozbe.

App Overview: Nozbe, the product's website claims, is a “time- and project-management application for busy people and teams.”

The Good: First and foremost, Nozbe was extremely idiot-proof and thus OK for a technology novice. It had an uncomplicated soft green layout with easily accessible folders and drag-and-drop capabilities. Tasks could be simply relegated to whichever segment of my existence they pertained (“Office,” “Freelance,” “Errands,” “Retirement Dreams,” etc.), and they could be specified with notes, file attachments, or pretty much any other data you’d want to affiliate. You could then assign the tasks times and deadlines, which I found made me extremely paranoid (in the best way possible) about a bunch of projects that were almost due. Honestly, there was little else to it, and I found it both commendable and unremarkable in its straightforwardness.

The Bad: The thing is, though, that in order for Nozbe to be an effective organizational tool in my life, I’d need to be pretty consistently motivated about being organized. Just logging in to assign and specify my tasks requires a certain level of organization -- and dedication to organization -- that on particularly busy afternoons I just couldn’t be bothered with. And this is my fault, I know. Unless I employ a brilliant chimp slave to be my minute-by-minute taskmaster, I’ll have to give at least a pittance of effort to make this “doing stuff responsibly” thing work out.

The Grade: C+. To be fair, I have to give some other applications a crack before I can deliver a final verdict in good conscience. But in the meantime, sorry, Nozbe, this ADHDiva needs a project-management application to be more aggressive with his disorganization.

App Details: For a 60-day trial period the app is free. After that, varying monthly rates apply. Learn more at

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