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Archives: May 2014

posted: Thursday May 8th - 2:05pm

My Husband's Symptoms Have Changed

My husband, 41, has ADD. His short-term memory problems are getting to me. I will tell him what happened at work, and later he will ask me, "How was work?" I tell him calmly that I already mentioned that, but he gets agitated with me. He has also developed severe mood swings and has become quite selfish, neither of which he exhibited before.

TerryMatlen New 120px
Short-term memory problems are common with ADHD, but if they suddenly worsen, it would be prudent to have them checked out. If the memory problems have been the same all along, it's important to understand that it's not his fault. There are ways to deal with it. When you talk with him, make sure you have his full attention. Many times, poor short-term memory is due...
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posted: Thursday May 8th - 1:33pm

Embarrassed by the Teacher

My daughter's teacher embarrasses her when she is slow in answering a question or when she gets something wrong. Can I prevent this from happening by putting my objection to it into her IEP? Or is an IEP just for academic challenges?

An IEP is not just for academic challenges. It can address emotional or social issues, as well. A teacher should never embarrass a child. Before bringing this matter up to the IEP team, speak to the teacher and explain your concerns. If you have already done so, or you believe the teacher may retaliate by making things more difficult for your child, raise the problem with...
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posted: Monday May 5th - 2:29pm

Testing for Iron and Zinc

How do I go about getting my son's zinc and iron levels tested?

A small pile of soybeans. Soybeans are rich in iron, and are good for kids with ADHD.
Checking your child's levels of zinc and iron is easy. Ask your doctor to order a zinc level and a serum ferritin (iron) test. Several research studies have shown that correcting an iron or a zinc deficiency can improve ADHD symptoms. I usually recommend using supplements, but you can also increase his consumption of iron- and zinc-rich foods. Foods high in iron include chicken, beef, fish,...
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