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Archives: February 2014

posted: Tuesday February 25th - 12:42pm

Keep Your Child Calm and Carry On

A pediatrician explains why many kids with ADHD grow up to be anxious adults.

Take a moment and think back to second grade. The teacher explains how to solve a word problem. You know, those awful problems that start out with, “If Johnny has 10 apples, and Suzy has three apples...” You listen, but your lovable dog Max pops into your head and you spend a few seconds or minutes (you are never sure how long) smiling to yourself about...
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posted: Monday February 17th - 12:02pm

Is Your Doctor Up to Speed on Diagnosing ADHD?

Here’s how to make sure yours is.

Doctor diagnosing ADHD in young girl
As a parent and as a physician, I’m concerned about over- and under-diagnosis of ADHD. I don’t want children to receive treatment for ADHD because their behavior at home or school doesn’t match expectations, and I don’t want children to fail to receive the care they require. I want accurate diagnosis. It’s the first step toward receiving the right treatment. So what do physicians need to do...
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posted: Monday February 10th - 10:55pm

Why Don't Teachers Follow My Son's IEP?

We have an IEP in place for my son, who is in high school. How can I make sure that his teachers follow it? We have an accommodation for using a tape recorder for recording lectures. However, some teachers don’t always allow him to use it. What should I do?

SusanYellin_2, 280px
Accommodations in an IEP are not privileges that teachers can bestow or withhold; they are rights to which your son is entitled. Some teachers may not realize that an IEP is not a suggestion — it is a legal document, much like a contract, and the law requires it to be followed. However, assuming you have already spoken to the teachers to better understand why they...
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posted: Sunday February 9th - 8:19pm

Late to the ADHD Party

I am 62 years old and was just diagnosed with ADHD. I have made a lot of mistakes during my lifetime, and I can chalk most of them up to my undiagnosed ADHD. How do I overcome my anger and sadness over not being diagnosed sooner?

I am puzzled by someone your age being diagnosed for the first time with ADHD. Let me start by explaining how an accurate diagnosis is made, to be sure your clinician followed these guidelines: > You show evidence of hyperactivity, inattention, and/or impulsivity. You have problems with organization and time planning. > You have had a history of these behaviors since about age seven. > These behaviors occur consistently...
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posted: Saturday February 8th - 7:00pm

Working With a Reading Disability

I am an adult who thinks he has a reading disability. I have trouble retaining what I read. My disability is threatening my job security. What should I do?

1. GET EVALUATED > Not all reading problems are the same. A learning specialist or a specialized psychologist should evaluate yours. Be sure the professional uses a checklist (a Connors CBRS, say) to look for broad learning issues, and evaluates you based on those results. 2. IMPROVE COMPREHENSION >Read subtitles first—this will bring meaning to the text below them. >Highlight the “$10 words” in each subtitle and the rest of...
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posted: Saturday February 8th - 6:31pm

An IEP vs. a 504 Plan: What's What?

Can you tell me the basic differences between a 504 Plan and an IEP? I am confused.

An IEP provides a broader level of service and parental involvement than a 504 Plan, but is available only to students with specific disabilities (including “specific learning disabilities” and “Other Health Impairments” [OHI], which includes ADHD). To qualify for an IEP, a student must be diagnosed with one of these disabilities and require special education and related services. To qualify for a 504 Plan, a student...
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posted: Wednesday February 5th - 3:10pm

ADHD Meds for Less

I am on a very limited budget and my co-pays on prescriptions have gone up. I am benefiting from the ADHD medication I am taking, but if prices go up any more, I will have to go without. Do you have ideas on how to make my prescription drug bill more affordable?

dodson_meds, 2014, 280px
The cost of ADHD stimulant medications is high, and the cost of the better extended-release delivery systems is even higher. The cause of the high prices is the costs of federal and state regulation. Stimulants are labeled C-II controlled substances, so there is no way around that added cost. The two most common brand-name formulations — Adderall XR and Concerta — went generic 18 months ago,...
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