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Archives: January 2014

posted: Wednesday January 29th - 11:32am

Optimal Treatment for ADHD: It’s All in the Details

Understanding the specifics of how ADHD affects you can help you and your doctor get a leg up on symptoms.

If you or your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, you probably know that there is more than one treatment approach to living successfully with the disorder: one-on-one and group counseling, medication, and life skills coaching all have a place in a holistic ADHD treatment plan. You also know that an ADHD diagnosis is based on the combined and persistent presence of several specific behaviors in a...
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posted: Tuesday January 28th - 11:12am

I Need a Low-Tech Planner

Is there a special chart or form that will help me organize my day, so I can stay on task? I am not a high-tech person and don't like setting up my day on a smartphone. I like to have all my to-dos in front of me.

Low-tech tools, such as a paper planner, sticky notes, and a to-do list might be what you need. They are visual, tactile, and allow you to move things around as your schedule changes. Try using the Super Sticky Easel Pad, made by Post-It. Set up the big pages (25 x 30 inches) like an appointment book planner, in 15-minute increments, starting with the time you wake...
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posted: Wednesday January 15th - 5:25pm

Wanted: Career Confidence

I have been out of work for six months now. When I see a job opening, I talk myself out of applying for it. I have low self-esteem because of my past failures and being jobless for so long. Help.

A job-seeker in a shirt and tie sits by the phone and prays for it to ring.
Getting a job requires you to sell yourself enthusiastically. Many people who have been diagnosed with ADHD can recite their symptoms backward and forward, but they have a difficult time selling their strengths and skills. Define yourself by your strengths and understand that ADHD does have its gifts — creativity, exuberance, empathy, emotional sensitivity, and a strong connection to nature. > When I coach clients who are...
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posted: Tuesday January 7th - 10:52am

Watch Your Words: How ADHDers Can Become Great Communicators

People don’t seem to get what I mean — I have so much to say that I usually confuse them when I talk. How can I learn to communicate clearly with attention deficit?

ADHD folks have so much information swirling in their heads that it's hard for them to decide which piece of information gets out of the gate first. Everything seems urgent and important, but it may be confusing to your friend or conversation mate. The solution is tricky, but manageable. First, when you see that glazed look of confusion in your friend’s eyes and on her face, stop...
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posted: Tuesday January 7th - 10:27am

Bully Begone!

Get the “target” off of your child’s back at school.

Children with ADHD face more than academic challenges. They find nonverbal and social communication hard, and may act in ways at school that attract the attention of bullies. Some kids with ADHD are clumsy and unaware of normal spatial boundaries compared with non-ADHD kids. All of these challenges make kids with ADHD prime targets for bullies. Here are some ways that parents can get the...
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