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Archives: October 2013

posted: Wednesday October 30th - 9:50pm

I Want to Stop Forgetting Things!

"I really want to stop forgetting stuff. Last week was the last straw: I forgot to pick up my child at school. He was crying when I finally arrived, an hour late. Can you please give me a foolproof way to remember things?"

Beth Main - ADHD Coach and ADDitude Blogger
I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that forgetfulness is, usually, part of having ADHD. Your brain is going to let you down sometimes. The good news is, once you accept this, you can work around it. Don’t rely on your memory; rely on good tools. I also worry about forgetting to pick up my son, although he’s 17 now and probably...
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posted: Monday October 7th - 3:59pm

Let Your Son Stand on His Own Two (ADHD) Feet

There comes a time to stop nagging your ADHD child to do stuff and to see how he does on his own. My time has come.

Teen boy in school hallway
It’s three weeks and counting since I dropped off my 18-year-old son at college, and I’m having serious helicopter-parent withdrawal symptoms. When Buzz, as I called him in my ADHD memoir, was still home, I nagged him around the clock: to get to school, do his homework, pick up his shoes, park closer to the curb, leave his brother alone, and — you get the picture. It...
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posted: Monday October 7th - 10:51am

Fishing for Answers on Fish Oil Dosage

What is the best time to give fish oil to my six-year-old son? I divide the dose and give it to him in the morning and the evening. Does fish oil affect how well ADHD medication is absorbed? He takes Focalin and Intuniv. Finally, should my son take fish oil with food?

Parent giving ADHD child fish oil
There is no research indicating that it makes a difference when the fish oil is given. It can be given in one or two doses. Fish oil does not seem to have any effect on the absorption of Focalin or Intuniv, or any of the ADHD medications, as far as we know. Finally, your son can take fish oil with or without food. The absorption rate...
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