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Archives: April 2013

posted: Monday April 22nd - 12:00am

For Good Communication, Timing Is Everything

These strategies will help ADHDers and their non-ADHD spouse connect in conversations.

In ADHD couples, everyday domestic and child­rearing challenges are sources for ongoing conflict. Improving communication is usually the first line of attack in an effort to fight less and cooperate more. But when it comes to successful communication in ADHD couples, when you talk matters as much as what you say. This is true in all couples, but particularly true for ADHD spouses, whose capacity to listen...
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posted: Friday April 12th - 12:08pm

I Want to Take a Drug Holiday

Some adults in my ADHD support group take a drug holiday a couple of times a year. I would like to do this as well. Should I? Can I?

I see no reason for you not to take a drug holiday. First, try to pick a time and place when being hyperactive, inattentive, disorganized, and/or impulsive will not create major problems. For example, do not take this holiday at work, but at home, perhaps on a weekend, when you have minimal responsibilities. Have someone give you feedback about your behavior when you're off medication. Determine...
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posted: Wednesday April 10th - 11:47am

Sports for Self-Esteem?

Do sports help a 10-year-old with ADHD manage his symptoms and increase his self-esteem? If so, which sports are the most appropriate and helpful?

Success in sports will increase your son's self-esteem. However, lack of success may cause more peer problems and lower self-esteem. The challenge for you is to determine what it takes to succeed in a particular sport, and to decide whether your son's symptoms (hyperactivity, inattention, problems with organization, impulsivity) will make it difficult for him to play that sport well. It is worth the effort, because...
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posted: Monday April 8th - 1:08pm

Where Is the Magic?

My partner and I have a much better relationship since she started treating her ADHD, but after years of struggle, the magic seems gone. We are more like friendly roommates. Can we rekindle the romance?

Yes! You need to have what I call an "intentional relationship." Talk about what the two of you can do to develop warmer feelings toward each other -- and celebrate those feelings when they arise. Here are some ideas: > Do as many new things as you can together. > Start dating each other again. Brainstorm a list of things you’ve always wanted to do (big and small)...
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posted: Monday April 1st - 6:27pm

Accommodations Denied: The College Edition

The disability officer at my daughter's college does not believe that ADHD is a real disability. What should I do?

The disability officer at your school is incorrect, both clinically and legally. In seeking accommodations, remember that you always need current documentation of any disability. If you have those documents, the disability officer should be challenged. Your daughter's college should have an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or a 504 Plan grievance procedure to address the denial of disability accommodations. Virtually all colleges (except those with a...
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