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Archives: January 2013

posted: Wednesday January 23rd - 11:36am

What Does “Twice Exceptional” Mean?

"Many parents talk about their ADHD children as being twice-exceptional, or 2e. Can you tell me what it means?"

The term “twice exceptional,” or 2e, refers to a child who is gifted and is also learning challenged. Exceptional, in this case, doesn’t mean only gifted. IQ tests that are used to determine gifted eligibility are comprised of 12 or so subtests: half measure verbal skills and the other half measure visual spatial skills. Rarely, if ever, will a child be gifted in every subtest...
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posted: Wednesday January 16th - 6:54am

More Money for College

New and returning college students can win $5,000 to fund their education by entering the Nordic Naturals inaugural scholarship program.

adhd college student in classroom
It makes sense that a company that produces omega-3 supplements, which can boost brain function in those with ADHD, would launch a scholarship program to further the higher education and learning of students. Nordic Naturals’ “Learn. Inspire. Change. 2013 Essay Scholarship” invites college students to answer the question, “What are the essential components of the education that your generation needs to make a positive impact on...
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posted: Tuesday January 15th - 1:11pm

Meds Aren't Working for Adult ADHD

My 40-year-old boyfriend has been working with a psychiatrist to treat his ADHD. He's tried four or five medications, with no results. Are some people with ADHD not responsive to pharmaceutical remedies?

Your boyfriend is fortunate to have a girlfriend who wants to understand his problems. Most individuals with ADHD do respond positively to one of the ADHD medications. My first question is whether your boyfriend has been correctly diagnosed with ADHD, or if he might have another psychiatric disorder. Discuss your questions with him. If he cannot clarify the reasons for using the different medications, he may...
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posted: Tuesday January 15th - 1:11pm

Getting My Son to Speak Up About His ADD

My 14-year-old son was diagnosed with ADD two years ago, and refuses to answer any of the doctor's questions about how the medication makes him feel. What should we do?

Ask your son if he understands and/or accepts his diagnosis. Does he agree that he has ADHD? Does he understand what this diagnosis means, and how it impacts his life? If he knows how medication helps his symptoms, he might open up. Another approach is to get information about his behaviors while on medication from his teachers. His school counselor can arrange for his teachers to report...
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posted: Monday January 14th - 10:50am

Meds Gone Wrong?

My husband was recently diagnosed with ADHD, and the doctor put him on medication. He hasn't been himself since. Within weeks, he lost his job and was hit by a car when he stepped into the street without looking. Can I sue the doctor?

Everyone's body chemistry is different, so establishing a medication plan is often trial and error. Many providers encourage patients to keep a medication diary to see how medication impacts them over time. Does this constitute medical malpractice? To prevail, your husband must establish that the doctor breached the standard of care established by his profession, which may vary by jurisdiction. In addition, your husband and his attorney...
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posted: Monday January 14th - 10:14am

I Don't Need Your Help

When I tell my wife that she needs help managing her ADHD, she says, "Don't worry about me, I'll deal with me." Is it possible that my wife can manage her ADHD on her own?

It's important for your wife to measure her progress in managing symptoms against the goals she is trying to meet. Both of you should set goals that will improve your relationship. If she can reach them on her own, by creating structure, reminder systems, and using medication, that's great. If she finds she is falling short, she should get professional help -- a coach or a...
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posted: Tuesday January 8th - 1:14pm

Can the School Withhold My Child's Records?

My son's high school teachers don't always follow his IEP. I am working with an attorney to make sure that they do. When I asked the school to send my son’s records to me, they said no. Can they do that?

ADDitude contributor Robert Tudisco is a practicing attorney with ADHD and an expert on special education law and disability advocacy.
No, they can't. Under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), you are entitled to full and confidential access to your child's education file. Information about your child must be kept confidential, but cannot be withheld from you. The only exception to this is when your son or daughter attends college. Then, the rights you previously had under FERPA belong to your child, because he is...
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posted: Tuesday January 8th - 12:37pm

It's Your Fault, Not Mine

My ADHD husband blames others or shifts the focus to me when we have a disagreement. I point this out to him as it's happening, but he can't see it, so we both get angrier. Can you give us practical tips for managing a conversation that veers out of control?

This is an annoying habit! It sounds, however, as if your own defensive response to his blaming behavior is inflaming the situation. Next time he blames you for something he did, ask him to explain himself better, so that you can understand why he thinks it's your fault. There may be a kernel of information there to help you see his point of view. For example,...
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posted: Thursday January 3rd - 11:09am

What's New About ADHD?

The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) will be coming out in 2013. Were there many changes made in the diagnostic criteria and symptom profile of ADHD?

The diagnostic criteria and symptom profile for ADHD will be the same in DSM-V as they were in DSM-IV. However, another type of ADHD has been added. In addition to ADHD, Combined Type; ADHD, Predominantly Inattentive; and ADHD, Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Type, there is now Inattentive Presentation (Restrictive). To qualify for this diagnosis, a child must meet the symptoms for Predominantly Inattentive ADHD, but have no more...
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posted: Thursday January 3rd - 9:45am

ADHD and Speeding Tickets

My daughter was stopped for a speeding violation. She shouted at the policeman that he didn't read the speed radar correctly, and was given another ticket for verbally abusing a police officer. Can she get out of either ticket because of her ADHD?

ADHD girl recklessly driving
ADHD, or any other disability, is not a justifiable excuse for a traffic violation or antisocial behavior. Although your daughter's ADHD may make her inattentive to traffic rules and speed limits, the law still applies to her. Letting the judge know why the behavior occurred, however, may get her a reduced fine. As to the verbal abuse, you should speak to the officer or prosecutor and inform...
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