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Archives: November 2012

posted: Sunday November 25th - 8:39pm

A Short But Solid Evaluation for Diagnosing ADHD

It takes a qualified clinician time to diagnose attention deficit. But this streamlined approach may let your doctor reach the right diagnosis faster.

Joel Nigg Headshot 180px
Diagnosing ADHD is difficult. It can't be done by a layperson, it can't be done by self-diagnosis using a web page guide, and it can’t be done in a few minutes by even a skilled clinician. The main problem with insufficient diagnostic scrutiny is false positives — labeling or identifying ADHD when the problem is something else, or, occasionally, when the behaviors are fairly normal. ADHD can...
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posted: Monday November 19th - 4:12pm

Money for College

The Shire ADHD Scholarship Program can help those with ADHD pay for college.

There's never a wrong time to get a good education. ADHD adults who put off college and are finally getting around to pursuing a degree later in life, or ADHD teens who are enrolled in a university, vocational, or technical school, now have extra motivation to push forward. Shire, a pharmaceutical company that makes medications for the treatment of ADHD, is awarding fifty $2,000 monetary awards...
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posted: Thursday November 8th - 8:15am

How Can I Get My ADHD Kids Covered by Insurance?

"What are the pros and cons, insurance-wise, of an ADHD diagnosis? A friend of mine has two children diagnosed with attention deficit. They have been denied coverage by two major insurers. Does this denial of coverage also apply to adults with ADHD?"

Although changes in healthcare regarding pre-existing conditions are coming soon, currently any pre-existing condition may be denied coverage by a health insurance company. Any time a claim is filed with your health insurance company, whether the diagnosis is ADHD or not, it is sent to a clearinghouse called the Medical Information Bureau ( The information contained in your file can hinder your chances of obtaining health...
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