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Archives: October 2012

posted: Thursday October 25th - 10:39am

Quillivant XR: A New Med for ADHD

"I just heard about something called Quillivant XR, a liquid version of methylphenidate, that will be hitting the market soon. Can you tell me anything about it?"

Quillivant XR was recently approved by the FDA for the treatment of ADHD in children, adolescents, and adults. Developed and manufactured by NextWave Pharmaceuticals — which Pfizer announced it intends to acquire — Quillivant XR is the first once-daily extended-release formulation of liquid methylphenidate, made primarily for the one-third of children under 12 who cannot swallow pills or capsules. It will also be useful for people...
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posted: Wednesday October 24th - 9:47am

Step Back from Symptoms and See Yourself Clearly to Rescue Faltering Friendships

Impulsive behavior was sabotaging one ADDer's friendships. By stepping back and taking stock, she learned how she looked to others — and turned the trend around.

A gal can get herself in a fix when the "I" part of ADHD rears its ugly head. When our impulse control is out of whack, and we don’t slam on the brakes as words careen from our brain to our mouth, things get problematic. Lori, one of my coaching clients, was distraught by her inability to maintain friendships. She found herself alone a lot, despite her...
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posted: Monday October 8th - 8:07am

Concerta Helps Me Focus, But I Can’t Get to Sleep

"I am a female with ADD. I just upped my Concerta dosage from 36 mg to 54 mg. I concentrate a lot better now, but lack of sleep is taking its toll on me — I can't fall asleep until 3:00 AM. Is my dosage too high?"

It is important that you discuss your problem with the doctor that prescribed you the Concerta 54. Follow his or her recommendations for handling your sleep problems. Sleep problems usually are not caused by the dose of a stimulant medication. However, in your case, you do report that when your dose was increased from the 36 mg to 54 mg, you had difficulty going to sleep...
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posted: Friday October 5th - 10:27am

How Can I Stop Buying Things on Impulse?

"I have ADHD, and I buy stuff impulsively all the time. My house is crowded with items I don't need, and my checking account balance is getting closer to zero as I write this. Help me stop buying stuff I don't need."

Impulsive spending can be a challenge for many with ADHD. The primary concern, however, is that your spending has become so excessive that you are being crowded out by all the junk in your living space. Get an evaluation to see if you have another condition other than ADHD driving you to buy things you don’t need. While adults with ADHD often display compulsive urges, you...
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