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Archives: August 2012

posted: Wednesday August 29th - 9:57am

ADD, ODD, and Eye Contact

"My seven-year-old son has been diagnosed with inattentive-type ADD, and looks at the mouth, not in the eyes, of people who are speaking to him. I have been told that this is common in kids with ODD. Is this true? How can I get my son to make eye contact?"

It's great that you are staying on top of your son's challenges. Eye contact is a critical social skill. Studies show that if you don't make and maintain eye contact when talking with people, they will find you less likable. For many kids with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), making eye contact is challenging. According to experts, kids with ODD look away from the person they're talking with...
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posted: Friday August 17th - 9:09am

Great School, Great Teachers — Finally

A mom searches for—and finds—a new school for her unhappy, unappreciated sons. You can, too.

When my two sons were young, I meditated just to get through the morning. They hated school and getting them up was a nightmare. Our oldest son is predominantly inattentive and our younger son is hyperactive and impulsive. In school, our inattentive son was well behaved, but he tuned out the teacher and missed much of what was going on. His brother had trouble sitting still,...
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posted: Wednesday August 8th - 6:41am

Grounding My Kids' Early-Morning Escapades

"The right dose of Concerta is helping my boys do better in school, but it has not improved their impulsive morning behavior. They get up at 5 A.M. and roam the house. Rewards and consequences haven't discouraged them from doing it. Should I put locks on their doors from the outside to keep them safe?"

Although stimulants like Concerta can be effective once they have kicked in, they won't improve your boys' early-morning raucousness. Perhaps substituting or adding a non-stimulant would provide more around-the-clock coverage. The simpler option may be to do what you already suggested -- put locks on the outside of the doors. Explain to them that you worry about their safety when they roam around the house unsupervised. You...
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