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Archives: July 2012

posted: Sunday July 22nd - 2:05pm

My Employer Is Asking About My ADHD

"I was diagnosed with ADD in 1997, and I haven't been able to find a medication to help me manage symptoms. I am having trouble doing a new job that I just landed. I told my employer about my ADHD, but they want an update on the condition. Unfortunately, the doctor who diagnosed me moved out of the area. Am I required to get tested again?"

Ned Hallowell 120px
If you were diagnosed in 1997, and you have not found a medication that helps with symptoms, it would make sense for you to find a new doctor and discuss various treatment plans. This may or may not include medication. The only reason you could be "required" to get new testing is if a licensing or testing board required it. The diagnosis of ADHD is...
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posted: Friday July 20th - 8:53am

"Unschool" Your Child

When they spend time in nature, revel in open-ended play, and indulge in a little daydreaming, ADHD kids learn a lot.

Is school the best place for our kids to learn? Is sitting in seats for inordinate periods of time, doing busywork that has little connection to life outside the school doors, an efficient way to turn on and light up a tender brain? For some kids, yes. For many children with ADHD, probably not. Two experts make the case for alternative methods of learning for our kids...
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posted: Friday July 13th - 10:28am

Hurting Over Blurting

"I speak out at home and at work without considering the impact of my words. I've turned off so many people that I'm feeling bad about myself. How can I make it up to them so I can feel good about myself?"

Beth Main ADHD Coach Blog
Impulsivity is one of the hardest ADHD challenges to overcome. Adults with the condition aren't aware that we're being impulsive when we're being impulsive. What we think, we say. There's no filter between thought and action. People who are offended by your insensitive remarks probably don't understand that it's a brain chemistry issue. They probably make false assumptions about you, thinking that you're brash and disrespectful when...
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posted: Thursday July 12th - 10:15am

Get Happy!

When life with ADHD gets tough, the tough follow these feel-good, think-positive tips.

Sometimes you need to put on a special pair of glasses — ones that let you see solutions, possibilities, and the happy things life has to offer. We deserve to be happy, too — even as we struggle to manage ADHD symptoms! These tips have proved useful for me and might benefit you, too. > Know that you are one of a kind. You are an...
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